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NRGSC is run completely by volunteers. Please remember that as we may take some time to respond to your inquiry. Our full time jobs, families, and other obligations may delay a response, but we will do our best to reply ASAP.

To ensure your response is handled as quickly as possible. Please use the buttons below to be directed to the appropriate person to help you.


Physical address

42 E. ARROYO ALAMO, Espanola, NM 87532

Mailing address

P.O. Box 5133, Santa Fe NM 87502

*Depending on your GPS system you may or may not be able to find the club listed.


Contact Us

If you have a question about Membership DO NOT USE THIS FORM.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for the fastest response to your email.

Emails sent through this form about your membership will be forwarded to the Membership Secretary and will delay your response time.

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Membership Secretary contact form.

*We will only use your phone number if we cannot reach you by email.


We are frequently asked if someone can book an in person tour of our property. NRGSC is run by passionate volunteers. Many have full time jobs outside their commitments at NRGSC.

We do not have any employees on the property of any kind. Nor do we have a clubhouse or other facility with staff. Therefore, we are unable to offer personal tours of the facility.

The video below should give you an overview of the property and the facilities we have on hand.