Safety Video

2023-2024 New Memberships are available June 15th

If you’re a new member to NRGSC you’ll need to wait until the June 1st window opens. If you apply for a membership using the renewal options, it will be declined and you will be refunded ASAP. You will be able to re-apply on June 1st for the current membership cycle.


The video below covers all the safety elements of NRGSC. Our members safety is a high priority and unsafe behavior on the range should be reported immediately.

Once you have completed watching the safety video you may proceed to the safety test with the button below.

**Members who are Renewing**

As we add to the facility we may update safety protocols to address any changes. Therefore the board has mandated annual safety testing to ensure compliance, and ease the problems we have seen with the “old” system.

This new format replaces you having to upload a copy of your safety certificate entirely.

If you are a new or renewing member uset the button below.

Any Guests of NRGSC who need a One Day Pass use the button below.