NRSGC offers a wide variety of ranges to meet the needs of our members. By clicking on the specific range below you can learn more about the specific range and its features. 

You can also view a range specific safety video/tour if you like. Lastly, we have a full virtual range tour you can watch by Clicking Here.




When on the Rifle Range at NRGSC please be aware of your fellow shooters.

  • Only go downrange when you’ve established a cold range.
  • Any target you put up, you should take down when you’re done.
  • When someone is down range do not work on or touch any of your firearms on the bench.
  • DO NOT SHOOT ROCKS AS TARGETS! It might be tempting but the ricochet is unpredictable and therefore dangerous. 

Caliber Restrictions:

  • Min: NONE
  • Max: .338 Lapua Magnum


The archery range at NRGSC is a known distance range. Archers should be aware of others on the line and only check targets when the range is called “Cold”.

  • Do not use hunting/broadheads on the range.
  • Be aware of any vehicles that are coming up the road if shooting at the far right targets.
  • Pick up after yourself.


There are 3 pistol bays at NRGSC. Use the calendar below to verify there is not a class scheduled for the time you are shooting at NRGSC.

  • There are homes over the berm so be sure your rounds impact the berm.
  • Targets should be intended for pistol caliber weapons.
  • Rifle Caliber Pistols are NOT allowed in the pistol bays. (EX:  AR Pistol)
  • DO NOT SHOOT ROCKS AS TARGETS! Ricochets are unpredictable off solid objects like rocks. For the safety of everyone at the club do not use rocks as targets.
  • Pick up after yourself. This includes brass, targets, and trash.
  • Canopies and Shade Tarps area allowed as long as the bay is not booked for a class. 


  • Shotguns only. No rifles or pistols (ex: Taurus Judge)
  • Shot size limited to 7 ½ max
  • No slugs or buckshot
  • Clay target shooting only. Example: Trap/Skeet/5-stand
  • As long as the shotgun range is not scheduled for other activities — club members are welcome to use the shotgun range. However, they must provide their own equipment and clay targets, no sign-in or range fee is required.
  • All shooters are expected to retrieve their spent hulls and any other refuse and dispose in the trash containers.
  • There is a patterning station located north of the high house. Shooters may place a paper or cardboard target (24X36 recommended) on the metal frame. Always remove and dispose of used target materials.

*by appointment. This is to ensure we have the appropriate personnel on hand to guide new & beginning shooters.  New shooters make appointments by email with the button below.


On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings we shoot Trap and Skeet, except the third Sunday of the month. To guide those without experience in Trap/Skeet they are welcome to show up by appointment. Charge for 25 clay targets is $5.

On the third Sunday of the month NRGSC offers 5-stand.  Setup proceeds and breakdown follows the shoot.  If you can, please assist in setup and breakdown. Check the calendar to confirm shooting days & time. The charge for each 25 clay targets is $5. 

New shooters will typically shoot after the morning rounds, usually just after noon. Appointments can be made through the Shotgun Range Manager through the button below.

Members wishing to be on the Trap and Skeet email list can send an email through the contact button below.

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be sent out to the email list by 8:00 AM the morning of the shoot.