Tech Support


NRGSC is run by volunteers, this includes our “tech support” person who has a full time job and other responsibilities.

So, in an effort to help solve common issues we have provided suggestions below.


Emails from this site will come from

If you’re not seeing them here are some things to look into:

  • Check your SPAM/Junk folder.
  • Your email server may be blocking them. (LANL Employee Emails have this issue occasionally)
  • The system has an old email for you. Please contact the Membership Secretary to ensure your correct email is on file.
  • If you’ve emailed NRGSC to notify us of the issue and NOT heard back its because we replied by email as we don’t have your phone number on file. When you contact us please include your phone number. 

If you’re running into the issue of not being able to “submit” an application then here are some common known issues:

  • There is a mandatory field that is not filled out.
  • There is a typo in a field that has a required character count. For Example:  Only having 15 digits on a 16 digit credit card field.
  • Try a different web browser. Sometimes there may be a setting or a plug-in that is conflicting with the NRGSC system.

The only reason we deny a membership is if there is incorrect or missing information. Here are the common issues:

  • Bad Date of Birth:  Occasionally web browsers will auto-fill the DOB as the current date. Please double check this field when submitting your application.
  • Nickname Used:  The application includes legal language that must be accepted by a responsible party. Therefore nicknames aren’t allowed as they are not binding.
  • Renewing Member on New Form:  Every application is reviewed. If you are a renewing member and you fill out the new member form then we have to deny the membership so you are not issued a new card with a new membership number.

If you are denied for any reason you will be refunded your money within 5 business days. (How long it takes Stripe to process) You can re-apply at any time after the denial even with the refund processing.

If you hit “Forgot Password” on the login page it will send an email to whatever email address you have on file with NRGSC. 

If you’ve done this and still aren’t seeing the email here are some common issues:

  • Check your SPAM folder for a message from
  • Add to your contacts to see if that allows it to be delivered.
  • Turn off your Virtual Private Network (VPN). *If you have never heard of this, then you don’t have one and this does not apply.
  • Make sure you’re entering in the email the club has on file for you. Your membership may be tied to an “old” email.

If the items above still haven’t resovled your issue please contact us using the form below. All emails will be responded to within 48 hours.

Tech Support
*The tech support email will come from Please add it to your contacts so it doesn't end up in your spam folder.
*If you are not seeing club emails we will call you to work through the problem.
*Some issues are web browser related. This may help us diagnose the issue.
*If your issue is related to anything not listed it may be better suited for the Membership Secretary.
* Any email sent to NRGSC is logged in this form system with date/time/email. If you've contacted us before we will look up the previous contact to help find a solution.
*The more information you're able to provide us the faster we can diagnose the issue and provide help.
I am aware that this is for Tech Support only.
*Emails about membership questions will be sent to the Membership Secretary and will cause a delay in club response.
I am aware that a response may take up to 48 hours.
*If you do NOT see a response within 48 hours please check your SPAM folder for an email from