Paper applications must be mailed in with full payment to:  Post Office P.O. Box 5133, Santa Fe NM 87502

All applications, New Member/Renewing Member/One Day Member will need to complete the required Safety Training Class ONLINE.

This is now an Annual requirement for all Individual and Family membership holders. One Day Members are required to complete the safety training every time they receive a One Day Pass.

Processing Time

Paper Applications can take up to 15 business days to process. From the time the application is received by the secretary.

Monitor your bank account. When the check has been cashed, your application was approved.

Check Delays

If your check has NOT been cashed in 3 weeks.

We did not receive it or the application was denied and you need to contact the Membership Secretary.

Family Memberships

If you're applying for a Family Membership please include verification that both you and your spouse have completed the safety test within 10 business days.

You can also email the membership secretary once both of you have completed the safety test.

Certified Mail

NRGSC is not able to accept certified mail to our PO BOX.

Certified mail will be returned to sender

NRGSC operates through member support. Any and all donations make a huge difference on how we can improve the club for everyone’s enjoyment. Please give generously.