Member Survey

Member Survey


Thank you for taking the time to take this survey. The NRGSC board has been getting mixed feedback from various members about what they would like to see at the club and the role it plays. So, to make sure everyones voices are heard, we've put together this survey.

Our goal is to take the feedback we get here, and use it to mold NRGSC into what the members truly want.

How long have you been a member of NRGSC?

What ranges do you use when you come to NRGSC?

How often are you at NRGSC?

Whats one thing you like about NRGSC?

Whats one thing you dislike about NRGSC?

How important is the social aspect of NRGSC to you?

How often should you hear from NRGSC?

If you could get ONE project done at NRGSC in 2024, what would it be?

How many days advance notice would you need to help out with a club project?

What, if anything, would you like to tell the current NRGSC board. (Compliments, Complaints, Concerns, Projects, etc)

Thank You for your feedback. The NRGSC board will take the results into consideration at the next meeting.

Everything we do here is on a volunteer basis. If you’d like to become more active in the club or be considered for a board position drop us a line!