• Shotguns only. No rifles or pistols (ex: Taurus Judge)
  • Shot size limited to 7 ½ max
  • No slugs or buckshot
  • Clay target shooting only. Example: Trap/Skeet/5-stand
  • As long as the shotgun range is not scheduled for other activities — club members are welcome to use the shotgun range. However, they must provide their own equipment and clay targets, no sign-in or range fee is required.
  • All shooters are expected to retrieve their spent hulls and any other refuse and dispose in the trash containers.
  • There is a patterning station located north of the high house. Shooters may place a paper or cardboard target (24X36 recommended) on the metal frame. Always remove and dispose of used target materials.

*by appointment. This is to ensure we have the appropriate personnel on hand to guide new & beginning shooters.  New shooters make appointments by email with the button below.



Everything we do here is on a volunteer basis. If you’d like to become more active in the club or be considered for a board position drop us a line!