Club Regulations and Safety

New Range Policy

The Board of Directors has unanimously approved the following new policy:

The use of fully automatic firearms or firearms equipped with bump fire stocks or binary triggers at the range requires prior board approval. Failure to obtain written board approval prior to use will result in permanent loss of membership.


  1. No alcohol on the range and no one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be on the range.
  2. SAFETY is the overriding consideration in the operation and use of the firing ranges. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded; keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction (downrange, or at the ground); all guns MUST be unloaded before anyone goes down range for any reason; do not handle any firearm while anyone is downrange; keep your finger off of the trigger until your sights are on target.
  3. Anyone on the range has the authority to call for a “CEASE FIRE” if they observe any unsafe act or condition.
  4. Only Authorized Members and their guests may use the range. The Member MUST accompany and be in direct control of their guests. All members must wear a Membership Identification Card above the waist.
  5. Groups activities, shooting outside of normal range hours, or use of machine guns, must have Board approval.
  6. Raise the main red shooting flag once you are on the premises. Once you are on a specific range, raise that range’s red flag. Lower the range flag when no one else is present at that range and lower the main flag if no one else is on the premises.
  7. No glass is to be used as targets, no pyrotechnic targets are allowed, all targets must be below the top of the berm. PICK up your trash! No tracer, incendiary, or armor-piercing ammo may be used on the range. Do not discard live-or-misfired ammunition on the range or in the trash.
  8. Shoot only on designated ranges,
  9. No bikes, ATV’S, hiking, hunting, etc on the range.


On the rifle/general purpose range: All rifles/pistols allowed. Shotguns only allowed to shoot slugs. No birdshot or buckshot!

In the pistol bays: All handguns allowed that shoot pistol caliber (.22 cal. through .500 S&W). No handguns that shoot rifle calibers (Thompson Contenders, etc.) are allowed. Pistol caliber carbines are allowed. Remember, no rifle caliber firearms of any type are allowed, unless under match or class conditions with prior Board approval. Shotguns are allowed with birdshot only. No slugs or buckshot unless under match or class conditions.


Please remember to put up the main flag if you are on any of the ranges and take it down when you have confirmed nobody is on any of the ranges. Individual flags are now in place for each range. The same rules apply.


Driving In

  • Stop at the card reader
  • Hold card ouf of your window
  • Place card within 5 inches from the reader
  • Slowly hold it in front of card reader
  • The reader will beep and the gate will open

Driving Out

  • Stay on the right side of the road
  • Drive slowly as you approach the gate
  • Gate will open

If the gate does not open

Slowly back up and try again

If the gate still does not open

Get out of your vehicle, step through the gate and activate the gate with your card at the reader. There will be plenty of time to get back in your vechcle and drive through the gate.