NRGSC Instructor Requirements


  • For Profit Insurance: $1,000,000 Professional liability if for profit, with NRGSC listed as an “also insured”
  • Non-profit covered by club if class approved by Board
  • Must appear before Board and receive approval for any classes
  • Instructor should be club member, club member can host instructor      
  • Written agreement with NRGSC (short)
  • Instructor credentials have to be submitted to NRGSC, assistants need to be listed, if used
  • A basic emergency plan must be in place.  A firing range capable first aid kit must be available during all classes
  • Scheduling lead time should be 1 month, exceptions to this handled on a case by case basis
  • Club needs to know final students/hours for tax purposes
  • A range use fee of $5 per day will be imposed on non-club member participants in any for-profit course offered at NRGSC. The fee is to be collected by the course instructor and paid timely to the club treasurer after completion of the course. The instructor must also provide a list of participants in the course.