Match Director Duties & Responsibilities

  • Match Directors are considered Board members and must attend Board meetings.
  • If a Match Director cannot attend their own match or a Board meeting, they can appoint a designee to take their place as long as that designee is a club member and adheres to the Match Director rules and responsibilities. More than two unexcused absences are grounds for removal as a MD.
  • The Match Director is responsible for opening and closing the gate during the match and making sure that any non-club members have left the range before locking the gate. If first Match of the day, take lock with you. Replace, or pass off to next Match Director when done.
  • All funds generated by matches are to be turned in to the Treasurer quarterly.
  • All matches must abide by club-approved rules and safety concerns at all times.

6.    An NRGSC waiver shall be signed by all participants.

Match Creation

  • Any person wanting to run a match must be a member of the club.
  • Requesters must come to a Board meeting and pitch the idea for the match.
    • What is the type of the match?
    • Is it an official organization?
    • If not, what are the operating and safety rules for the match?
    • What targets will be used?
    • What range will be used?
    • What backstops will be used?
  • All match fees generated by matches held on NRGSC property are turned into the club.
  • Reimbursement is done through pre-approval at Board meetings.
  • Special exceptions can be made through the club President.
  • All matches are open to the public.