Pistol Silhouette

NRGSC sponsors monthly NRA-sanctioned long range pistol silhouette matches on the first Sunday of each month. Match bulletin follows:


BIG BORE/HALF-SCALE DATES: 1/1/12, 2/5/12, 3/4/12, 4/8/12, 5/6/12, 6/3/12, 7/1/12, 8/5/12, 9/2/12, 10/7/12, 11/4/12, 12/2/12.

SMALL BORE/FIELD PISTOL/FIFTH-SCALE DATES: 1/15/12, 2/19/12, 3/18/12, 4/22/12, 5/20/12, 6/10/12, 7/8/12, 8/12/12, 9/9/12, 10/21/12, 11/18/12, 12/16/12.

RANGE LOCATION: North from Santa Fe on U.S. 285 to C.R. 88. Turn East until Arroyo Alamo (aprox. 2 miles), turn east ( ½ mile) turn south into range gate. Gate is marked.

ENTRY FEE: Entry fees are $3.00 for each match. Current NRA classification books available for $12.00.

ENTRIES CLOSE: When first relay is called to the line. At Match Director's discretion late entries may be accepted until last relay is called to the line.

MATCH TIMES: Matches will start at 10:00 AM. Setup and sign up will begin 1 hour before the match (9:00 AM) Practice will be allowed before the match.

RULES: Current NRA rules will apply.

CLASSIFICATION: NRA Silhouette classification will be used. New shooters will be unclassified for their first match. Score will determine subsequent classification.

GENERAL INFORMATION: There is no toilet or other facilities at the range. Motels, restaurants, etc., are available in the area including Santa Fe and Espanola.

CONTACT: For more information contact:
Dick Kreischer
179 CR 113 Santa Fe, NM 87506
505-455-2701, dickkreischer@cs.com